GNU Parted

GNU Parted is a program I co-founded with Lennert Buytenhek (and with large contributions later from Matthew Wilson and Guillaume Knispel). As far as I know, it is still used in the installation programs of most GNU/Linux varieties such as Ubuntu and Fedora. I began work on this in 1998 when I wrote a program for resizing Microsoft's FAT filesystem. Lennert Buytenhek had written a program for resizing Linux's ext2 filesystem, so we combined our work into GNU Parted. Matthew Wilson submitted many bug fixes and minor contributions that was a great help in making Parted work reliably on a very diverse range of computers. Guillaume Knispel wrote the code for resizing Apple's HFS filesystem. Conectiva (which merged with Mandriva before going bankrupt in 2015) employed me -- until the tech bubble burst in 2001 -- to work on GNU Parted. I maintained the project until 2005, but I am no longer involved.